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Pastor Taco

Bodegas D'Mateos Insensato, Garnacha, 2020, Spain

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Insensato Garnacha is a wine all modernity and youth, it is daring and carefree. It is part of the monovarietal range of Bodegas D. Mateos, in La Rioja, where the terroir becomes the essence of the wine.

It comes from Garnacha vines that are over 45 years old in the area of ​​La Rioja Baja that is more prone to its cultivation. Insensato Garnacha has no shame, it is pure red fruit (currant, raspberry, strawberry) with the impetus of youth. Subtle wood and balsamic notes make it even more memorable.

Insensato Garnacha is the ideal companion wine for all kinds of improvised occasions, Mediterranean dinners, summer nights and spoon dishes that demand freshness in the mouth.